Medicine Sandwich

I know that I said I wasn’t going to post about my son’s health issues anymore, and I’m not.  But I cannot give you an honest depiction of my ongoing situation without at least referencing how our continuing family struggles are affecting me. the way I parent, and the way I live my life.  For […]

Hot Lava Banana Cheese Sandwich

I was making grilled cheese sandwiches for my children the other day, when I made the classic opera parenting mistake of enunciating my words a little too clearly.  “Ok,” I said happily, “your grilleD cheeses are ready!” “Why did you call them grilleD cheeses?” my daughter asked me, clearly annoyed that I do not know […]

It Was the Best of Kids, It Was the Worst of Kids

He wanted to play outside, so I decided to bring my lunch down to the courtyard and watch him run around while I ate my food in the chilly winter air.  I had gotten a lovely sandwich from the deli on the corner, along with some Cheetos that I was determined to keep a secret […]

But I Really Only Wanted the Sandwich…

Yesterday marked my Carnegie Hall debut.  Yes, it was as a ringer in a high school chorus, but we are not focusing on that right now.  The point is, I sang on stage at Carnegie Hall.  For some of you though, yesterday may have been about a different special event.  I am talking, of course, […]