A Week Without Facebook

It has now been one week since I woke up and deleted the Facebook app from my phone. This was a huge step for me, since I would go so far as to say that most of my social interactions over the past few years happened on that platform. Not all, but most. I enjoy […]

A Tale of Two Strangers (Judging My Children)

It was the best of impressions; it was the worst of impressions.  Within a span of only a few hours, my children had made their marks on two total strangers, each of whom judged them correctly, and in completely opposite directions.  Although the one guy didn’t have to be such a jerk about it. We […]

We’re Only Friends Online

It’s kind of weird living a double life.  I imagine that spies and actors must have to work really hard to make sure their public personas and their true souls never cross over, as they act one way with a certain group of people, and then let their guards down among the people they truly […]

To a Kid, Everyone is a Potential Friend

Why is it so hard to make new friends?  Why is it that many of our close friends are ones that we made when we were younger?  High school friends, college friends, even pre-school friends can stick with us for decades, often after years of separation.  One phone call and there you are, back in […]

The Socialization of Children and Opera Singers

One of the weirdest, and perhaps hardest, things about being an opera singer is the way in which we are forced to conduct our social lives.  Many non-singers I know have a small group of good friends with whom they spend a lot of time with.  Sometimes these people have one other person, or couple, […]