“Merry Christmas Satan” – A Starbucks Story

Sometimes things just slip out of your mouth, you know? The filter disengages and you say exactly what you are thinking before stopping to wonder if it is, perhaps, appropriate. I find that this is especially possible when in unfamiliar territory, being already off-balance and confused as to how to act. Such was the case […]

Overheard at Starbucks

Man 1: Did you get me something?Man 2: Yeah.Man 1: Well what did you get me, man?Man 2: Uhhhhh, a caramel, ummmm, caramel…something.  Uhhh, macchiato.  A caramel macchiato.Man 1: What the hell is a macchiato?!Man 2:  I have no idea.  God damn it!  Why are we here?!Man 1: This place is confusing.Man 2: For real.Man […]