The Only Dad

So here’s a question I was asking my wife the other day: Is it weirder that I am often the only Dad at things, or is it weirder that I don’t think it’s weird? Because on the one hand, I am consistently seeing more Dads involved in things like pick-up or drop-off of kids, or in […]

Put Your Farts On

Johnny Cash was a parent, and you can tell this in his classic song “I Walk the Line.” Yes, that is what we do all day long. Whether it is walking the fine line between freedom and discipline, or the line between nurture and self-preservation, we parents are well versed in the art of line […]

The One Problem (That I Fixed) With the New, Viral Similac Commercial

There is a new commercial floating around the internet that you may have seen. It is an ad for Similac, and it features various cliche “Mommy Groups” facing off to do battle. The Working Moms, the Stay-at-Home Moms, the Breastfeeding Moms, the Formula Moms, the Lesbian Moms, the Yoga Moms, all in the park to […]

I Am A Mother

I am not a mother, in case that post title was somewhat misleading. I am a father. But I may not be one in the traditional sense of the word. As a stay-at-home Dad, and blogger about such things, I am at the forefront of the online men’s movement to become more like women. Wait, […]

The Tortoise, The Hare, and Their Frustrated Father

Once upon a time, in the era of fables and fairy tales, a young man named Aesop was walking through the woods when he discovered an unusual looking tree with a hollowed out trunk.  As Aesop climbed in to inspect this strange opening, he suddenly found himself in the distant future, where he met two […]

Parenting is Not a Job

There is a viral video making the rounds this week, in which a company put out a fake job listing and then interviewed some poor suckers who, you know, actually need work, and then told them they would have to work 24-7 with no breaks, no pay, no vacations, etc.  And then, at the end, […]

Bring Your Child To Work Day

One of the many joys of being a stay-at-home-dad/musician is that, when I have music related things to do in the daytime, I often have to bring Edward along.  The most frequent example of this is my weekly worship planning meetings that happen every Monday as a part of my job as Minister of Music […]

Where’s Your Mother?!

One of the great things about being a stay-at-home-dad is that, when things go wrong, people tend to ignore you and blame the mother.  Somehow the general public still cannot wrap their minds around the fact that the father may, in fact, be the one responsible for the terrible behavior that is spewing forth from […]

One Sick, One Not

Perhaps one of the more difficult parenting tasks I have undertaken is the care of one sick child when the other one is feeling fine.  You parents with only one child do not have to deal with this, which is why you are big jerks.  Nevertheless, I will try to explain to you what you […]

27 Things My Two Year Old Did Yesterday

Wet the my bed Watched weird Canadian cartoons, naked from the waist down Chased the cats Answered every question both ways (“Do you want a banana?”  “No.  Yes.”) Ran around in a circle for several minutes Dumped an entire bucket of toys over his head Laughed hysterically for unknown reasons Got out his own bowl […]