A 9-Year-Old Girl’s Thoughts on a Gershwin Classic

Ruby, unlike her father, does not like stuff. She was complaining about it so much today that I put on the song “I’ve Got Plenty O’ Nuttin’” from the Gershwin opera¬†Porgy and Bess. She definitely had some thoughts about it, and she provided a running commentary for the song, which I will now attempt to […]

Thou Shalt Not Break

Despite some opinions to the contrary by the doggedly non-religious, the ten commandments are actually still a pretty good set of rules to live life by. I like to think they would be my innately known moral rules, regardless of religious upbringing. Stripped of Judeo-Christian trappings, they boil down to these simple life guidelines: 1. […]

Letting Go: Further Confessions of a Former Collector

As many of you will know from a previous post, I am in the process of cleaning out my life.  I am trying to get over my attachment to stuff, and as I have recently learned, it is not so much a decision as it is a slow, painful journey. As part of my rehabilitation, […]

Confessions of a Former Collector

There comes a point in every relationship when it just has to change.  A tipping point.  The point when things just absolutely cannot go on any longer in the same way that they had gone on before.  You finally tell them that you are in love with them, because you just can’t hold it in […]