Well If It Was Your Favorite Shirt, Maybe You Shouldn’t Have Eaten It

The temperature in the room drops as the air is sucked right out of it. Evil Dictator Daddy has just arrived, ready to hand down another despicable and unfair proclamation that will ruin countless lives forever. His face a twisted mask of hatred, he speaks the words that you have dreaded hearing, but knew, deep […]

The Going Rate For the Tooth Fairy

As you may recall from yesterday’spost, my daughter had her tooth pulled out by the dentist which left us with one very excited six-year-old, and two parents wondering for the first time just what was expected of the tooth fairy. When I was a kid the tooth fairy left me a quarter. Apparently my wife […]

My Daughter Has Shark Teeth

About a year ago, at her normal check-up, the dentist told my daughter that her teeth were starting to get slightly loose, and that she would probably have lost one or two by her birthday.  This was the most exciting news possible to a five-year-old, and she spent countless hours attempting to wiggle her, as […]

The Further Adventures of John the Baptist

You may recall that, for the past month, I have been dressing up as John the Baptist every Sunday morning in an attempt to teach Sunday School for the first time in my life.  You may also recall that the number one thing I had managed to impart as of last week was that I […]