A Few Things I Learned About Hosting a Movie Screening

When the Oscar nominations were announced, I knew I was in trouble. We had only seen three of the five nominated animated films! My daughter asked how we could see them all, and instead of saying “we can’t,” I stupidly decided to figure out a way for it to happen. Do to the evils of the […]

Watchers and Doers, Sitters and Singers

In any arts organization that provides some sort of live production (and probably those that don’t), there is a constant struggle to fill the seats with more butts.  For financial reasons, ticket sales are important.  For spiritual reasons, audience cultivation gives one a sense of purpose and the hope that perhaps one is not wasting […]

Why Is Taking a Bow So Hard?

Bows are, apparently, the most difficult part of putting on any show.  For starters, they are most likely the least rehearsed thing that you will be presenting on the stage that day.  You can also add into the equation the fact that the bows are not written into the book or the score, so there […]

Opening Night

There is nothing quite like the thrill and terror of opening night.  That day when all of the hard work you have been putting in for weeks, and sometimes months, finally comes to fruition.  That day when the general public will at last have the chance to see all the wonderful things that you have […]