Dance Away the End of Summer

Well, summer is just about over. The kids are going back to school in two days, the leaves are already turning, and there is a morning chill in the air. But what have we been listening to this summer? Well, mostly dance remixes for some reason. Laurie Berkner has a new album of old favorites […]

If Classical Composers Collaborated Like Today’s Artists

So the Grammys were just on, and many fine musicians won prestigious awards. In fact, you may remember that I told you to go out and get Tim Kubart’s album “Home,” because it was the best children’s music of the year. Turns out I was right, and he won the Grammy. Awesome! Congrats, Tim! But […]

The 58th Annual Grammy Nominees for Best Children’s Album

Hey everyone! In case you didn’t notice, the Grammy nominations were announced this week! This is very exciting, unless you were not nominated, in which case this sucks. I was not nominated. But it’s ok! I am not bitter! It could be because I did not release any albums this past year! I will blame […]