Opera Valentines – Round Three

For those of you who enjoyed my Opera Valentines round one and, last year, round two, I have added six more to the collection. Have a loving, lovely day, and send this delightful sentiments to your opera loving paramours and courtesans.

Opera Valentines

If any of you opera lovers out there are struggling with what to send your sweethearts this Valentine’s Day, just relax! I’ve got you covered, with 8 new cards (edit: we’re up to 12 now!) that you can give to that special someone this year. And you don’t need to thank me. Just send chocolate. […]

New Songs About Love to Enjoy With Your Kids

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, which means that flower sales are up and so is depression. For some reason many people think that if they are not in a romantic relationship on February 14th, then they have a problem, or that they¬†are a problem. And where would they get this wrong idea? Oh, […]

Making Valentines

Sure, we could just buy Valentines at the store and then write names on them, but where’s the fun in that?!  My mother taught me better.  For Valentine’s Day, one must hand make and personalize cards for all classmates, relatives, and minor acquaintances, and no two can be the same.  Scissors!  Glue!  Tape!  Glitter!  Stickers! […]

I Dated Four Girls at Once

In honor of Valentine’s Day tomorrow, I thought I would share with my dear readers a delightful tale of me at my stupidest.  In some ways I can blame sitcoms for making me think that this would be a good idea, but actually, if sitcoms have taught me anything, it is that your ridiculous antics […]

Prosperous Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving.  Happy Birthday.  Happy New Year’s.  Happy Valentine’s Day.  Merry Christmas.  Hmmmmm.  Why does Christmas get a special greeting?  You know, in England they just say Happy Christmas.  You can tell this from watching Harry Potter movies.  So why did we choose “merry?”  Why not just leave it at “happy?”  Well, because merry just […]