A Few Questions For Raffi

Children’s music icon, environmentalist, and all-around nice guy Raffi is coming to Vermont this week to perform a show at the Flynn Theater in Burlington, so I thought I’d ask him a few questions before he arrives! Tenor Dad: Hi Raffi! You have an upcoming show in Vermont. How often do you perform in Vermont, […]

We Flew to the Wrong City, But at Least We Got the Right State

We got up on Tuesday morning and prepared for the day like we would any other. The kids went off to school, my wife went to work, and I headed over to church for meetings before teaching a voice lesson at the college. But at lunch time we switched gears. The kids were pulled out […]

Why We Marched, and Why You Should Be Angry About It

On Saturday, 4 million people around the world marched in what was the largest peaceful protest in the history of the planet. And we were there. My wife, my daughter, my son and I made signs, packed snacks, and drove to the state capitol to stand up for something. But what? You know what? Let […]

Twelve Adventures: #8 – Sleeping in a Treehouse

We had no idea what to expect, other than it was an awesome looking treehouse, but we were excited as we pulled off the road and started driving through the field that led to the woods where we would be spending the next two nights as part of my wife’s birthday celebration extravaganza. The pictures […]

Maple Open House Weekend – It Doesn’t Get More Vermont Than This

Is there anything that says “Vermont” more than maple? Sure, we’ve got cows and mountains, but so do plenty of other states. Yes, we’ve got Ben & Jerry’s and Bernie Sanders, but those guys are big time now. Can we really claim them as our own exclusively anymore? No, they belong to the world. But […]

A Tale of Three Postcards – A Pre-Wedding Adventure

It wasn’t like I didn’t have enough time. Bleric Ack had mentioned to me, oh, four months earlier that they were thinking of replacing the traditional wedding guest book with a stack of postcards. The cool idea was that each guest would bring a postcard from where they were from, or from where they had […]

Twelve Adventures: #1 – Covered Bridges

Happy 2016! We made it! This is the future, and we are alive! It is time to live like we have arrived. No more worrying about what might happen (because what did that ever get us anyway?), but instead we focus on new themes and goals and challenges that we will face with joy and […]

Winter Is Not Coming

I am reporting here from warm and sunny Vermont. That sentence ought to terrify you when you realize that it is December. Yes, this is December 11th, and the high today is 54. It has not snowed yet this season, and we don’t expect it to either. I don’t care what Fox News says, we are in […]

A Troubling Detail in the DCF Murder Case

Last Friday, a terrible, unthinkable tragedy occurred less than an hour from my home. It happened to someone that some of my family knew and respected. At 4:45, as she was leaving the office to go home to her husband and two children, Lara Sobel was brutally murdered with a high caliber hunting rifle by […]