If you go back and read my very first posts, and they are on here somewhere, you will remember that I once lived in Baltimore. I spent 5 years there, sitting in traffic on 695, taking my daughter to Storyville, walking through Herring Run Park, eating at Cafe Hon, stopping in to Atomic Books, watching […]

Just a Little Friendly, Old-Fashioned, Good-Natured Physical Abuse

Yesterday, as you know, was St. Patrick’s Day. I know you know this, because you either planned ahead and wore green, or you did not wear any green and then were mercilessly pinched all day by all the other festive jackholes who did. Yes, a little pinching for the non-begreeners has long been a tradition in […]

Violence is Easy, Sex is Hard

In the years before I had children, and even for much of the past seven years of parenting, I have loudly and indignantly declared to anyone who would listen that I would much rather show my children sex than violence.  I pretentiously and self-righteously condemned our culture of guns and machismo, wondering at great volume […]

The Top Twelve Reasons To Hit Your Sister

12) You didn’t hit your sister.  Why would I even accuse you of such a thing?  She is crying for some unrelated reason. 11) She hit you first. 10) You were jealous of something she was holding or doing. 9) It was hitting time, and she was there. 8) You were under the impression that […]