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Mexican Coke Pong

So last night I went out for a few beers with some folks from the opera. Except there was one problem: I don’t drink. The first question I got was “oh, are you a Mormon?” When I told them that I was not, they struggled to understand why I don’t drink. And my answer (I […]

An Open Letter to the Girl Behind Me on the Megabus

Dear Girl Behind Me on the Megabus, I am very sorry for talking on the phone during our bus ride together. In my defense, this was my first Megabus trip and I was a little confused. I use my phone on the bus all the time, but those are shorter bus rides, with people getting […]

Google Scribe

So google has this new thing out called Google Scribe. It takes auto-complete to a whole new level. Scribe purports to know what you are thinking and will fill in whole words and phrases based on what you have previously typed. You can play with it yourself here: http://scribe.googlelabs.com/ Now personally, I often find auto-complete […]

Ah, New York, I love it here!

Things I have seen this week: 1) A man sitting on the street with a sign that said “Hungry Jew,” yelling “Shalom!  Hey, how bout some food!?  Shalom!” 2) A woman going down on a guy in a car parked outside the apartment I am staying in.  The car was pulled about half over, and half […]

On the Banks of Manhattan

I got paid today! Well, I got a per diem check anyway. This is good, as I only had $7 left, and I’m hungry. I went straight to my trusty Suntrust ATM that I had used last year, so I could deposit my check. But it wasn’t there. I tried to locate an ATM online, […]

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