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Oh, to be Free of the Beard

I usually have a beard in the winter, and I usually don’t have a beard in the spring. I often shave for Easter morning, and in fact this year I had a great plan to shave my facial hair into a Lin-Manuel Miranda style goatee for our Hamilton tribute that day. But it was not […]

Things That Are Morally Wrong (Unless It’s To Your Children)

This is something I’ve written about before, sort of, in smaller ways, but after reading a post about bribing your kids from my friend over at All Good in the Fatherhood, I started to paint myself a bigger picture. Why are there so many things that people will do to children that they would never do […]

Self-Righteously Cheap Wedding Themes

My friends Rumple Station and Tart Comma are getting married. Well, okay, they’re actually already married because, in true self-righteously cheap fashion, they had a secret state wedding over a year ago and didn’t tell anyone. But now that the cat is out of the bag, they have decided to hold an actual wedding. The […]

A Short List of Things I Forgot to Do in My Thirties

Like Ebenezer Scrooge awakened from a troubled dream, I sat straight up and looked out the window, throwing open the shutters and calling down to the young boy huddled on the sidewalk. “Boy! How old am I?” “Why, you’re 39 sir,” he squeaked. “39. 39! Then there’s still time! Oh, thank you boy! Thank you, […]

Donald Trump’s 2016 Tax Return Leaked!

At 11:59 PM last night, just as the Republican President was filing his tax return, a copy was secretly made and transported out of the White House. That copy has become available to us, and we now share it with you, in the interests of transparency. You probably have many questions, the most important being, “Why […]

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