What “Inside Out” Has to Say About Gender Roles

Warning: Once you get past this intro paragraph there will be plenty of spoilery talk about the new Pixar movie “Inside Out.” We saw it on Friday and I can’t stop thinking about it, and specifically how it presents the emotions with regards to gender. So I’m going to write about it and talk about […]

Why I Was Not Mad At My Wife

It was Wednesday, which meant that I had to pick the girl up from climbing. The boy did not want to go. I had left him home once before when I biked over to get her at top speed, but it was too snowy and icy to bike now, and I was not going to […]

Chocolate Fury

You know, I do try to be a good parent most of the time.  When my kids do something that they maybe shouldn’t have been doing, I try to talk to them about it without screaming in their faces in a furious rage.  And sometimes I succeed.  This is not a story about one of […]