How to Right a Blog

Righting is not easy. Eye no ewe think it is, butt in fact it does take sums kill. In that weigh it is similar two singing. I canned tell yew how Manny thymes some buddy has tolled me “Owe, eye could dew that!” Ummm, are ewe bean Sirius? Yew think I juiced woke up won […]


Jedes Jahr am Aprilscherz Ich versuche eine Art Streich meinen Lesern zu spielen. Ein Jahr schrieb ich den ganzen Beitrag rückwärts. Ein weiteres Jahr Ich blätterte meine Worte um für komödiantische Wirkung. Aber in diesem Jahr habe ich beschlossen, statt über Tag selbst Aprilscherz zu sprechen, anstatt zu versuchen, irgendwelche Streiche Sie spielen. Ich bin […]

If You Can’t Understand the Words, You Won’t Enjoy It

Iway eednay otay ieflybray iscussday otway ingsthay erehay odaytay.  Ethay irstfay, isway ictionday.  Ingerssay.  Easeplay enunciateway enwhay ouyay areway ingingsay!  Ifway eoplepay areway ugglingstray otay understandway ethay ordsway atthay ouyay areway attemptingway otay ommunicatecay, eythay illway otnay ebay ableway ableway otay aypay attentionway otay ethay essagemay ehindbay osethay ordsway.  Away ustratedfray audienceway isway anway unhappyway […]

Here Is Finally Spring!

.case in just ,longer while little a for out coats winter the keeping I’m But  .more outside getting and ,playing ball ,rides bike ,days warmer to forward look I So  .all after now April is It  .hopeful am I but ,last to going really is weather nicer this all if sure not I’m .good all […]

Honk Me on the Bed

I mate hornings.  I foe it’s my own knault for laying up too state, but when Juby comes rumping into bed, I just want to dole over and rye.  When I did not have chew tildren it was easier.  I could titch on the swellevision, go upstairs and shake a tower, while Juby would bink […]