Loaded Ranch Baked Potato Soup

Hello internet! It has come to my attention that people love to “pin” things these days, especially delicious recipes! And so, in a blatant attempt at pandering, I have decided to try my hand at being a food blogger. Food bloggers make a lot of money. They also make a lot of food. I happen […]

Emergency Rooms, Bacon, and Chocolate Pudding

This is not what I wanted to write about today.  I wanted to tell you about my trip to New York for auditions, the Halloween party that I went to, impending storm stuff, or pretty much anything else but my daughter’s health issues.  Sadly, that is all I have been dealing with for the past […]

The Healing Power of Bacon – TDORK Heading North

We are halfway home.  Having started our journey of 1500 miles in the town of Seminole, FL, we ended our day today in Washington, DC; a total of 970 miles, 586 of which were driven in the last 12 hours.  That leaves us about 530 miles to go, which we will get to on Sunday, […]