Subtle Tricks and Extra Treats, or How Edward Got So Much Candy

Halfway through the evening it was clear who was ahead. Of course it wasn’t a competition, but if it were a competition, Edward was handily beating his sister in the candy collection department. She noticed it too. Ruby’s pillowcase was fuller than it had ever been before, but Edward’s was fuller-er. How could this be? They […]

In Defense of Candy

This is it people! Crunch time! We have only three days left until Halloween, that glorious, annual, sugar-soaked epitome of childhood joy. Is there really anything about this holiday that is not perfect for children? You get to play dress-up. You get to use your imagination and play pretend. You get to hang out with […]

The Tortoise, The Hare, and Their Frustrated Father

Once upon a time, in the era of fables and fairy tales, a young man named Aesop was walking through the woods when he discovered an unusual looking tree with a hollowed out trunk.  As Aesop climbed in to inspect this strange opening, he suddenly found himself in the distant future, where he met two […]

How the Boy Tricked Me Into Giving Him Chocolate For Breakfast

Just to give you a bit of backstory, exotic Aunt Oafanie arrived last evening bearing gifts of chocolate, which were partially consumed by the children immediately.  And that’s all you really need to know, for the scene is now set, as morning breaks into the Tenor Dad household.  Tenor Mom has just left to take […]

The Death of Dye

When my son was small (or was he ever small?  I can’t recall…), he was not allowed to have red things.  After one too many red Kool Aids or red Tummy Yummies, or red Popsicles that caused vomiting or other general illness, we decided that he was allergic to red dye, and so when we […]

Peeps and Mountain Dew

Well, it is officially Lent.  In the past, I have tried to give up something for Lent, although this year all of my plans have been thwarted.  I had originally thought that I would give up staying up past midnight, but then I had to pick my mother up at the airport at midnight last […]

Yeah, We Made Ten Giant Gingerbread Houses. What?

We had this brilliant idea.  After last year’s successful Gingerbread House Decorating Party, we thought, “Hey, we’ve got this down now!  We can be smooth and streamlined now!  We will make the houses smaller and more sturdy!  We will be organized ahead of time!  We will have it together!”  But like most brilliant ideas, it […]

A Dark Dance With Caramel

It all started out so innocently, if one can ever use the word ‘innocent’ regarding caramel.  My apple had been sitting in the fridge for days and most of the caramel coating had slowly oozed down to the pan, forming a substantial disc on the top of the dessert.  The first bite is always the […]

Driving Home From an Audition

Man.  What happened to all the Twizzlers?  I wish there were more in the bag and less in my stomach.  I’m not feeling sick or anything, I just wish I wasn’t so far along in the process of eating the entire bag.  Having Twizzlers in my stomach is not the good part.  The good part […]

Gingerbread House Making Party

Some time ago, a year? two years? my wife discovered a blog wherein an annual tradition was described.  This family held a gingerbread house making party every year, and we have been talking about doing one ever since.  This year we finally got our act together and put one on.  Six houses, six families, two […]