Parenting is Like Working at Five Guys

I sat at the small, greasy table a few feet from the counter, checking Facebook on my phone. This is the table that no one ever sits at unless they are waiting for a “to-go” order, or unless there are no other tables available. And I, like so many others at the table before me, […]

Infamous Gigs: Exclusive Okee Dokee Brothers Edition

Last night my children and I had the extreme honor and privilege to see the Grammy-award-winning duo The Okee Dokee Brothers perform their first ever Vermont show. It was a beautiful evening out at Bread and Butter Farm, and though they always have marvelous music and fantastic food there, last night just seemed extra special. We […]

Win Tickets to The Okee Dokee Brothers at Bread and Butter Farm!

Vermont friends, I am writing to you with some exciting news about an opportunity for you to hear some great music. As you probably know, I have been getting very excited about kids’ music lately, and one of the best groups out there is the Grammy-winning duo from Colorado, the Okee Dokee Brothers. You may […]

Cheeseburger (A Tribute)

I love cheeseburgers. I mean, we’re more than just friends. I like-like them. I could eat cheeseburgers pretty much every day, except for the dying young part. This is why is saddens me to report that one of my favorite burger spots, Archie’s, is closing forever after today. The owner has had some health issues, […]

Veggie Burgers

I do not understand the concept of veggie burgers.  Why?  Why do they exist?  There is no reason!  Veggie burgers are like faux fur coats.  They are like saying “I am against wearing the hides of dead animals, but I want you to think that I am totally for it!” Now, I am spending the […]

Burger Night at Bread and Butter Farm

I would like to take this opportunity to tell you about something awesome and local.  Unless you do not live in Vermont, in which case I would like to tell you about something awesome and far away that you will probably never experience.  What is this exciting thing?!  Why, it is my new place of […]

Ordered it Median, Got it Mode

I think my waitress must have been confused.  Perhaps she got her mathematical terms mixed up.  I know that many people leave school and quickly forget about the differences between the mean, the median, and the mode, but the differences were quite plain to see in my cheeseburger. Now first of all, if you stand […]