The Painful Result of a Lifetime of Manspreading

Today, on International Women’s Day, I have to report to you that I have been going to physical therapy recently. My back problems are, well, back. The chiropractor was not enough. Now I have PT every 2-3 weeks to correct the problems that appear to be stemming from a lifetime of manspreading. Ladies, you know […]

The Boot Thief

The appointment started out fine.  Edward picked out some toys to bring into the room while I hung up our coats and put our boots on the mat by the door.  The chiropractor put all of my pieces back into place and I could move freely again without any tightness or pain in my back.  […]

My Butt Ultrasound

If there’s one thing I have noticed about being a parent, it’s that your children slowly destroy you over time, both mentally and physically.  My latest symptom of parenthood is that I have started to have back pain, so I’ve been seeing a chiropractor for the past couple of weeks.  Their diagnosis?  Carrying around a […]