How to Get (and Keep!) That New Car Gummy Worm Smell

I had the same first car twice. It was a red 1991 Mazda 323 hatchback and I loved it. After my brother destroyed the first one (although he will tell you that I destroyed it, a story for another day), I got another one just like it. Both of these cars were gifts from my […]

What I Learned About Representation From a Mistake I Made in College

There is something undeniably unsettling about having to represent someone whose views you disagree with. It seems wrong somehow, to not take a side. And yet part of the responsibility that comes with power is the burden of taking all sides into account. When a politician says “my constituents,” they shouldn’t just mean the people […]

I Was Kicked Off the D.C. Metro For Life. Twice.

The metro system used to close at midnight every single day of the week, including weekends. So it was when I was at school, and so it was when I begin my story. There also used to be no movie theaters in Georgetown or Foggy Bottom, so we movie buffs of The George Washington University […]

My Real Name, and the Problems It Has Caused Me

Hello. My name is Adam Hall, and I am Tenor Dad. Phew. That is a load off! When I started writing this blog, it was mostly for my friends and family, but still I referred to myself as “Tenor Dad,” mostly because I thought it was funny to do so. Then, as my audience expanded […]

I Was a Door-To-Door Rollerskating Christmas Tree Salesman

I was in college.  I needed money.  Because college.  And so I would pretty much do anything for it.  I made pizzas until 3 am.  I filed applications in the admissions office.  I sang concerts and solos and hymns and valentine-o-grams.  And once, for a few weeks in November and December, I was a door-to-door […]

My First Voice Lesson

Today I finished up my first year of teaching voice at an official college.  Last night two of my students sang in a recital, and this morning, between hospital drop off and pick up times for my son, I taught my last lessons of the semester.  Now that I am on the other side of […]

I Dropped a VCR on My Head and Kicked a Nurse

You kids today, with your Netflixin’ and your iPhonin’ and your Amazonin’, have no idea how hard it used to be to watch a movie!  When I was a child, your choices of movies were whatever was playing in the theater, and whatever was on TV.  Once a year we got to watch Mary Poppins and […]

How to Shave During a Concert

Being the attention-loving, extroverted, fame-whore that I am, the center of attention is often where I like to be, so it only stands to reason that some of my stupider ideas have spawned from a need to shock and awe whomever I happen to be with.  Perhaps you know this about me already, and so […]