Daddy, Will You Take Me Hunting?

This was not a question I ever wanted to answer, but there it was, hanging in midair between my son and I we were driving home. Would I take him hunting? I mean, of course not! I have never fired a gun, do not plan on ever firing a gun, have no interest in guns […]

The Adventures of a Field Trip Chaperone

Monday Night– Asked the bus driver if I could ride in with Edward the following morning; was told I had to ask the school about that.– Called the school to ask if I could ride the bus in; was told I had to ask the bus– Picked out farm-appropriate clothing for the both of us– […]

How to Spend a Day at the Fair With Your Kids For Only $12

Do you know why I don’t like going to the fair?  It’s not because it isn’t fun; it’s just not hundreds of dollars worth of fun.  But somehow I managed to take the kids to the fair for 3-4 hours, ride rides, eat treats, and get out the gate for only $12, and I am […]

Walking the Heifers

Last weekend, my family and I went to the 10th annual “Strolling of the Heifers.”  This seemed like a uniquely Vermontish activity, and we have been looking for fun local events to go to.  Supposedly this event would include the actual strolling of the heifers, which I had imagined to be something akin to the […]