In Which I Contemplate a Life of Crime to Help My Son

It was right there… All I had to do was to reach over the counter and take it… To begin with, I was not at my best. We had been in the hospital all week and sleep was not really a thing anymore. They had finally released us and sent us home with a prescription […]

A Troubling Detail in the DCF Murder Case

Last Friday, a terrible, unthinkable tragedy occurred less than an hour from my home. It happened to someone that some of my family knew and respected. At 4:45, as she was leaving the office to go home to her husband and two children, Lara Sobel was brutally murdered with a high caliber hunting rifle by […]

The Mystery of Who Peed on Me

It was a dark and stormy night. 6:30 AM. The sky was dark and my mood was stormy. I was asleep. Suddenly, I was awoken by the sounds of gibberish. “Bwaaaa naaa, bee boop bwaaaa!” I blinked my eyes open slowly. Very slowly. My head was taking a pounding harder than a colt in Massachusetts. […]

The Year We Stole Our Christmas Tree

To be fair, we didn’t mean to steal our Christmas tree.  It wasn’t like we went out with the intention of celebrating the joyous season of giving and love by committing acts of theft and villainy, but if you have ever tried to do anything with my mother, you know that things generally do not […]

Cat Burglars

My cats are currently forbidden to go outside, due to the communal laws of the co-op in which we live, and this makes them very angry.  You see, they used to be able to go outside whenever they wanted, which was certainly nice for them, but not always nice for us. When we lived in […]

How It Feels To Be Hated

(WARNING: I tried to take the adult language out of this post, but it just didn’t have same effect.  Sorry.  Back to happy stuff tomorrow.) So the weirdest thing happened to me the other day.  We had some friends in town for the weekend and they wanted to go see the Vermont Teddy Bear Factory, […]

What My Two-Year-Old Stole From Victoria’s Secret

We had a pretty busy day at the Tenor Dad household yesterday.  Ruby had her school pictures and, because this is 1978, we will know what they look like in just a few short weeks or months.  But it was not only school picture day!  It was also the day that we had to take […]

My Car Got Broken Into

My car got broken into.  And by “broken into” I mean that Edward unlocked one of the doors on his way out and I didn’t catch it, so nothing was actually broken.  They just opened up the back door and helped themselves to my stuff.  And it happened right in my parking lot outside of […]