My Car Got Broken Into

My car got broken into.  And by “broken into” I mean that Edward unlocked one of the doors on his way out and I didn’t catch it, so nothing was actually broken.  They just opened up the back door and helped themselves to my stuff.  And it happened right in my parking lot outside of my apartment.  So much for feeling safe.

I first noticed that something was amiss when I saw the car’s registration on the passenger seat atop a billowy mountain of fast food napkins.  My first thought was that Edward had somehow gotten his mischievous two-year-old hands into the glove compartment, but then I noticed that the little compartment between the two front seats was also opened and empty, and that all of my iPod accessories were missing.

They didn’t take the radio, but maybe they were in a hurry and didn’t want to bother.  Or maybe they were a bunch of stupid kids who just like stealing stuff and weren’t interested in selling hot radios.  I did think it was weird that they didn’t take the GPS, but I suppose that just proves how old and annoying it really is.  Also the mounting bracket for it is broken and so is the charging cable, so I don’t know how much use it would really be to anyone.

So they didn’t get anything of too much real value.  The car was kind of a mess, and I had to stuff all the napkins back into the glove compartment in a non-orderly fashion, so that was annoying, but the worst thing about it all was just the creepiness of knowing that someone else had been in my car.  They had entered without my permission, and without my being there, a sacred space, and now it just feels uncomfortable.  My parking lot feels a little more dangerous to me, and I am double checking the locks all the time, not just on the car, but on my house as well.

So, to whoever stole that stuff out of my car: you suck.  You can have the iPod charger, but I want my peace of mind back.

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  1. Ugh I’m sorry. I know that feeling of violation. When someone stole my husband’s bike off our porch I had trouble sleeping for a long time, knowing some punk had been on our porch in the middle of the night. Make sure you report it to the police as they like to keep track of where that happens (if you didn’t already!)

  2. unfortunately lots of cars in the neighborhood have been broken into (or just opened & stuff taken b/c of unlocked doors) in the last year. it’s not as common in our lot, but happens there too. defiantly call the cops & file a report.

  3. The one who stole your charger must have had his/her charger stolen, too. LOL. But seriously, it is a must for a car-owner to double check (or even triple check) his/her car’s lock to prevent your valuables from being stolen. I suggest you educate Edward about that too, even at his young age. 🙂

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