The World According to Edward

The Worst Words According to Edward, who is 6, there are four really bad words that you should never, ever say. And of course he says them as often as he thinks no one is listening. And what are the four worst words in the English language? They are as follows: Fock Shutup Coddammit Stupid I […]

My Daughter Has Shark Teeth

About a year ago, at her normal check-up, the dentist told my daughter that her teeth were starting to get slightly loose, and that she would probably have lost one or two by her birthday.  This was the most exciting news possible to a five-year-old, and she spent countless hours attempting to wiggle her, as […]

A Two Year Old at the Dentist

Ah, the dentist.  Traditionally feared and hated by children of all ages, this poor misunderstood creature only wants to bring smiles to the faces of all humankind.  It’s just unfortunate that they often try to do so via loud, scary sounding instruments and needles stabbed into your face.  Yes, one bad experience at the dentist […]