The Five Alarm Diaper of Easter 2007

I sure don’t miss diapers.  But the sad thing about no more diapers is no more diaper stories.  Like returning warriors with PTSD, parents love to swap and tell diaper stories, proudly displaying their scars like badges of honor.  Luckily I still have some old stories to tell.  Like, for instance, the five alarm diaper […]

What I Think About Before I Leave the House

Everyone has their own habits and routines that they use to help them get ready for the day, and I am no different.  Every morning I get up, stumble around angrily, give the children whatever they need, take a shower, jump out of the shower to stop my son from splashing in the toilet, get […]

Disaster in Diapers

Let me give you some backstory before I dive right into this tale.  The first thing you should probably know is that we have been trying to potty train Edward in an extremely unsuccessful manner, but the important thing to know is that he has been wearing pull-ups instead of diapers.  The only problem is […]

Awareness of Poop

I am currently in Florida spending my time as “Tenor,” and so there have not been a lot of “Dad” posts in recent weeks.  I am, however, excited to share some wonderful news with you.  Edward has taken his first step towards the most urgent and important of parenting goals: potty training. THE ROAD TO […]