The Door to Another Door

To get to the laundry room here at the co-op you need a special key given out only to members.  We don’t want just anyone coming in and washing their clothes for our low members-only rates.  The key unlocks a door that leads into a small space with a large boiler, some gardening tools, and […]

Chivalry is Just a Euphemism for Sexism

Yes, all women.  Yes, all men.  Yes, all humans.  We are all in the world together, and we all participate in it.  Even when we don’t want to and don’t mean to, there we are.  Participating.  Even when we fight the system, rage against the machine, and work diligently to change ourselves and others, there […]

Yes Officer, That’s My Son

Time to padlock the front door!  Some of you may recall that a year or so ago we had a slight problem with small children escaping through the front door at very inconvenient times.  We solved this issue with a lock installed on the inside of the door juuuuuust high enough so that Edward could […]

Locked Out

It started, as so many things do, very gradually.  At first it was just a bit of a sticky lock.  After a while, it became difficult to get the deadbolt on the front door to open all the way.  A tiny bit of it would stick out, even after it had been unlocked.  As time […]