If You See Someone Having a Seizure, Do You Know What to Do?

I’m going to break a promise. I’m going to talk, hopefully just this once, about my son and his seizure condition, because he almost died yesterday. I wish that was an exaggeration, but it really isn’t. He was at camp, had a seizure, and the people there did not know what to do. They laid […]

2 Years Seizure Free

My children have epilepsy.  One of them doesn’t like me to talk about it (but he’s fine and there are no updates anyway, hallelujah), and the other one, well, she’s fine too.  But there are still updates.  Because we have reached the magical milestone of two years on medication with no seizure activity.  This is […]

Medicine Sandwich

I know that I said I wasn’t going to post about my son’s health issues anymore, and I’m not.  But I cannot give you an honest depiction of my ongoing situation without at least referencing how our continuing family struggles are affecting me. the way I parent, and the way I live my life.  For […]

The Death of Dye

When my son was small (or was he ever small?  I can’t recall…), he was not allowed to have red things.  After one too many red Kool Aids or red Tummy Yummies, or red Popsicles that caused vomiting or other general illness, we decided that he was allergic to red dye, and so when we […]

The Last Post I Will Ever Write About My Son’s Health

This was a bad one.  We were at Dick’s Sporting Goods looking for a backpack for my wife, who was leaving for grad school the next day.  Everything was fine, and my son said “Let’s go look at bikes!” in an excited voice, and less than three seconds later he was on his face on […]

Is It Good or Bad When the ER Staff Remembers Your Name?

Last night, because there is something wrong with my brain, I sat down to play a level of Candy Crush at 10:30, and five minutes later it was 1:45 AM.  I trudged up to bed, knowing that I was going to be tired in the morning, and this was confirmed a short time later when […]

All Clear!

While I generally try to keep things entertaining around here, to varying degrees of success, my original mission statement from my very first post was to keep people somewhat informed of things that are going on with me and my family.  That’s why I posted with great sadness that my son Edward had had a […]

Life. It’s the Worst.

Yes, yes, I know.  Do not be discouraged.  Life is also the best sometimes too.  And I agree.  But right now, it is the worst.  I am the worst.  Everything is the worst. Yesterday afternoon, as I was yelling at my son to put his boots on, he had a seizure.  We were running late […]

A Whole New Kind of Seizure

I was in the middle of a board meeting last night when I got the call.  My wife had already texted me a few times during the meeting, so to get an actual phone call was already a cause for concern, and I backed my chair away from the table a few inches and answered […]

A Game Of Medicines

Something has gone wrong.  In my plan for my life, vague as it may be, my children are happy and healthy with the minimum number of problems required for them to become interesting people.  But this is all more than I bargained for.  Ruby’s epilepsy has thrown a wrench into my otherwise foolproof plan.  And […]