Tenor Dad’s Patented Weight Loss Tips (Patent Pending)

As an expert in the field of personal weight loss (you will be pleased to know that I have lost 15 pounds in the past two months), it has occurred to me that you may also want to reap the benefits of my vast knowledge. Sure, some of it is hard work, but really weight […]

Put Your Farts On

Johnny Cash was a parent, and you can tell this in his classic song “I Walk the Line.” Yes, that is what we do all day long. Whether it is walking the fine line between freedom and discipline, or the line between nurture and self-preservation, we parents are well versed in the art of line […]

The Rule of Farts

Look, farts are hilarious. You know it, and I know it. They can be memorable, exciting even, and I have in my brain a list of the most hilarious farts at which I have had the honor to be present. There was that one girl on the Metro that caused the whole car to snap […]