Overheard on the Kindergarten Field Trip

Yesterday I had the privilege of chaperoning my son, along with the rest of his Kindergarten class, as they celebrated the end of the school year with a picnic. What follows are eleven actual quotes that I overheard the children say as I monitored them in the park. One of them was said by my […]

The Only Dad

So here’s a question I was asking my wife the other day: Is it weirder that I am often the only Dad at things, or is it weirder that I don’t think it’s weird? Because on the one hand, I am consistently seeing more Dads involved in things like pick-up or drop-off of kids, or in […]

Seeing Them With New Eyes

We get used to the people we live with.  Everyone changes so gradually that it can be hard to notice the little differences, until we hit a sudden moment of clarity in which we are able to view these familiar humans with new eyes.  This has happened to me many times.  I recall the moment […]

The Adventures of a Field Trip Chaperone

Monday Night– Asked the bus driver if I could ride in with Edward the following morning; was told I had to ask the school about that.– Called the school to ask if I could ride the bus in; was told I had to ask the bus– Picked out farm-appropriate clothing for the both of us– […]