My Son Is Wonder Woman

I wasn’t sure about taking my son to see Wonder Woman. He’s only seven, and it seemed like it might be a little intense for him. He didn’t even want to go! Both he and my daughter had to be dragged to the movies, which seems ridiculous to me as a movie lover, but there […]

The Painful Result of a Lifetime of Manspreading

Today, on International Women’s Day, I have to report to you that I have been going to physical therapy recently. My back problems are, well, back. The chiropractor was not enough. Now I have PT every 2-3 weeks to correct the problems that appear to be stemming from a lifetime of manspreading. Ladies, you know […]

The Divided Kingdom – Brexit, Trump, & the United Methodist Church

Yesterday our cousins over in England voted to cut themselves off from their neighbors and leave the European Union in what is now know as the Brexit. This decades-long exercise in cooperation and tolerance has come to an end for the people of England, formerly of the United Kingdom. I say formerly of the United […]

Why I Would Not Attend My Child’s Same-Sex Wedding

Marriage is a funny word. It means one thing to the church, and another thing to the state. It can mean vastly different things, even to different sets of people who are themselves married. Quite literally it means joining two things together, but the debate continues to rage on as to what restrictions ought to […]

The Only Dad

So here’s a question I was asking my wife the other day: Is it weirder that I am often the only Dad at things, or is it weirder that I don’t think it’s weird? Because on the one hand, I am consistently seeing more Dads involved in things like pick-up or drop-off of kids, or in […]

Review: The Single Dad Detour (and $150 Giveaway!)

When Litfuse Publicity contacted me and offered to send me a free book in exchange for an honest review of Tez Brooks’ new book The Single Dad Detour: Directions for Fathering After Divorce, I said okay, even though I don’t do a lot of reviews here. I didn’t know much about the book at all, other […]

I Am Not an Amazon Mom. I am #AmazonFamilyUS

First of all, I am aware that some products, programs, and services are actually marketed to women. Let me just get that out of the way. I do not want “Woman’s Day” magazine to change their name to “Person’s Day.” They know their target audience, and they are going for it with gusto. This does […]

The One Problem (That I Fixed) With the New, Viral Similac Commercial

There is a new commercial floating around the internet that you may have seen. It is an ad for Similac, and it features various cliche “Mommy Groups” facing off to do battle. The Working Moms, the Stay-at-Home Moms, the Breastfeeding Moms, the Formula Moms, the Lesbian Moms, the Yoga Moms, all in the park to […]