The Donahue Sea Caves (and how we fell into them)

Before we get started, I have to make a disclaimer. The name “Donahue Sea Caves” is very misleading. There is only one of them. I did not name it, so it is not my fault, but I didn’t want you to get mad later, like I did when I arrived, when you discover that the plural […]

A Glimpse Inside the Minds of Two 7-Year-Old Girls (and a Dad)

It is our strict policy to never tell the children anything fun that we are going to do until we are already doing it.  Plans change, things happen, and we don’t need twelve hours of two crying children because it rained on beach day.  So when we told the kids on Saturday morning that we […]

How I Spent My Summer, By Bear

Hello.  This is Bear.  I am using my magic and taking over the computer.  I think there should be more posts about bears, so I am going to tell you all about the fun bear things that I did this summer. To start with, Ruby took me with her to Syracuse.  I tried to drive […]

The Architects Of Our Own Destruction (The Family Hike)

We are the architects of our own destruction.  This is what I reminded my wife of yesterday as we trekked back down the trail at the end of our disastrous family hike.  Battered, bruised, bitten, beaten, and bleeding, it was hard to remember why we thought this was a good idea in the first place, […]