How I Spent My Summer, By Bear

Hello.  This is Bear.  I am using my magic and taking over the computer.  I think there should be more posts about bears, so I am going to tell you all about the fun bear things that I did this summer.

To start with, Ruby took me with her to Syracuse.  I tried to drive the car, but the mean grown-ups would not let me.  They probably knew that I would try to drive to a bear party.  Too bad they didn’t let me.  Bear parties are fun.  I also wanted to drive to the bear store to buy bear food.

They never let me drive 

When we got to Syracuse, Ruby and her family kept trying to go places without me, so I used my magic to go into the car.  That was fun.  But the next day they went to the zoo, and left me home again!  I had to use a lot of magic to get a phone and call them to make sure they saw the bears.  Also, I wanted them to tell me bear stories.

Bears at the zoo

Another fun thing I did was climb a mountain.  Ruby let me ride in her backpack on the way up, because even though I am a bear, I have short legs, so climbing mountains is pretty hard for me.  I do like going in the woods and looking for caves though.

 Me hiking up the mountain

I made it to the top!

I also turned six this summer, so that was exciting.  I got a birthday party, and presents, and a rocket ship made especially for bears.  I have a very good person to take care of me.

My birthday party

Let me think about what else I did…  I went camping and told ghost bear stories.  I went to Maine and visited with some of my stuffed animal friends.  I even went to Canada!  It was my first time out of the country!

Me and Ruby riding in the car
Me in Maine

So I had a great summer, but now Ruby is back in school and I miss her.  Sometimes her annoying brother throws me out of the bed when I am sleeping, but even he is at school sometimes too now, so I have to find other things to do during the day.  Like writing about bears.

Just having some lunch

Okay, I have to go now before Ruby’s Dad comes down and sees me on his computer.  I will try and sneak down and write more another time.  I hope you liked my bear story!  Goodbye!

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