The Latest 35 Mix For Kids

If you are a regular reader around here, then you know that I have on my iPod a playlist called the “Latest 25 Mix,” containing the last 25 songs to catch my ear. It is a rotating list, so when a new songs comes onto it, it means another song is bumped off, and so […]

Our First Piece of Original Artwork

Good morning readers! Do you remember a short while ago when I mentioned the insanely awesome prize pack I had won from Keith Munslow, the leading singer/storyteller of the Rhode Island kindie music scene? If you don’t remember, go check it out because there is a lot of good music that was sent our way […]

Tiny Destroyer Disguised as a Bellywog

Yesterday I was with Edward in the supermarket, and he immediately walked over to the large display of apples and pears (4 or 5 bins worth), and knocked them all to the floor. Apples and pears flew everywhere. I guess he did not know that the bins were on wheels and not fully attached, so […]