Edward Hosts a Play Date

Yesterday after school, Edward’s best friend came over for a playdate.  This is a bit of a milestone, as Edward has previously never had a best friend and has never really invited someone over before that he wasn’t forced to/related to.  In the interests of anonymity I will call this friend “Larry.”  And let me […]

Ruby Teaches Her Brother How to Tell A Knock-Knock Joke

Ruby is six.  Edward is three.  This weekend she tried to teach him about knock-knock jokes.  It went something like this: Ruby: “Knock knock.”Edward: “Who’s there?”Ruby: “Banana.”Edward: “Banana who?”Ruby: “Knock knock.”Edward: “BANANA WHO!”Ruby: “No Edward, you say who’s there!”Edward: “I SAID BANANA WHO!”Me: “Ruby, I don’t think Edward knows enough about knock-knock jokes to do […]