Ruby Teaches Her Brother How to Tell A Knock-Knock Joke

Ruby is six.  Edward is three.  This weekend she tried to teach him about knock-knock jokes.  It went something like this:

Ruby: “Knock knock.”
Edward: “Who’s there?”
Ruby: “Banana.”
Edward: “Banana who?”
Ruby: “Knock knock.”
Edward: “BANANA WHO!”
Ruby: “No Edward, you say who’s there!”
Me: “Ruby, I don’t think Edward knows enough about knock-knock jokes to do that one yet.”
Ruby: “What do you mean?”
Me: “I mean he doesn’t even know how to do a regular one.  I think you are confusing him.”

Ruby: “Okay, I will teach him.  Edward.  Say knock knock.”
Edward: “Knock knock who’s there!”
Ruby: “No Edward, you just say knock knock and then I say who’s there!”
Edward: “Knock knock who’s there!”
Ruby: “Ok, stop.  You say KNOCK…KNOCK.”
Edward: “Who’s there?”
Ruby: “NO!  YOU say knock knock!”
Edward: “Who’s there?!”
Ruby: “No, Edward, I am going to say who’s there when YOU say knock knock, okay?”
Edward: “Okay.”
Ruby: “…So say it.”
Edward: “Knock knock!”
Ruby: “Who’s there?”
Edward: “Edward.”
Ruby: “Edward who?”
Edward: “EDWARD!”

Ruby: “Edward!  You’re not supposed to say your name, you’re supposed to say something else, and then when I ask who, you turn it into something funny.  So say knock knock.”
Edward: “Who’s there?”
Ruby: “NO!  YOU say KNOCK KNOCK!”
Edward: “Who’s there?”
Ruby: “EDWARD!  NO!  You say knock knock, I say who’s there, and then you say something, but not your name.”
Edward: “Okay.  Knock knock.”
Ruby: “Who’s there?”
Edward: “Apple.”
Ruby: “Apple who?”
Edward: “Apple Edward!”

Mission accomplished, as they both agreed that this was the funniest knock-knock joke ever.  And they even eventually made it to “orange you glad I didn’t say banana.”  It just took a few hours.

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