I Only Like It When I’m Doing It

I didn’t want to write this post. I’ve been putting it off. I’m too busy, too many others things going on, and so I have neglected this as if it were a chore, something draining, and I just didn’t feel like doing it. But now that I’m writing I feel great. I love writing! Why […]

How My New Diet Helped Me Come to Terms With My Own Mortality

I don’t really want to die. Or at least I didn’t. Then I started this new diet. It’s not that much of a diet, actually. It’s the “don’t just eat whatever you want whenever you want it” diet. But see, I liked eating whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted it. Good times. And now I eat […]

We Don’t Like What’s Good; We Like What We’re Used To

I was out shopping other day, and I needed some frozen peas for a beef stew recipe I was planning. As I walked past the canned goods aisle and towards the freezers at the back of the store, I remembered how as a kid I would never eat frozen peas. I hated them. But the […]

How I Crossed the Slackline

I put one foot in front of the other, and then I did it again. Three steps out and I felt the slackline start to wobble from side to side and I knew that I was going to fall, so I jumped off and down to safety. This wasn’t my first try, and three steps […]

It’s Creation Day

Something is coming. Can you feel it on the wind? That biting chill that comes just before devastation? Can you see it? The shadow on the horizon is growing. It’s not far off anymore. In fact, it’s here. That void, that nothing, is on its way to destroy. Things will be dismantled. Comforts will be […]

Never Stopped Looking Up

They say that you can instantly tell who the tourists are in any city by noticing who is looking up and who is looking down. The residents of the bustling metropolis have seen all the sights a million times, and their faces are firmly positioned down as they hurry off to wherever they are going […]

Published Posthumously

There are things I never got to say to David Budbill while he was still alive. These messages must now be published posthumously. The Vermont author passed away early Sunday morning, ending his three year battle with Progressive Supranuclear Palsy, a rare form of Parkinson’s Disease. David wrote the words that I sang last year in […]

The Dangerous Appeal of Perfect

When I write a post, it usually contains some sort of lesson that I myself need to learn. Anything I tell you, or recommend to you, is most likely part of my own journey and if I’m writing about it, it means I have not mastered it yet. Such was the case yesterday, when I […]

The Dangerous Appeal of Good Enough

This is a pivotal moment. I am hovering right on the event horizon of “good enough.” Things aren’t as bad as they were, and with some workarounds I am able to get done most of what I need to get done. Things are not good, obviously, but they might be good enough. And there is no greater […]

The Tragedy of Unfulfilled Potential and Unmet Expectations

I was very sad when I found out that Alan Rickman had died. Just days after we all publicly mourned David Bowie, suddenly we were faced with the loss of yet another of our beloved cultural icons. I was sad for selfish reasons, as we always are, because now I would never see him in […]