It’s Creation Day

Something is coming. Can you feel it on the wind? That biting chill that comes just before devastation? Can you see it? The shadow on the horizon is growing. It’s not far off anymore. In fact, it’s here. That void, that nothing, is on its way to destroy. Things will be dismantled. Comforts will be gone. And in the face of certain destruction we have only one choice. We must create.

The abyss is coming for the arts. It is coming for music, theater, poetry, painting, sculpture, and all other visual and auditory beauty. The systems in place that we have today to make art may not be there tomorrow. So we will create new systems. We will sing. We will dance. We will make joy. We will speak truth to power with our words, our deeds, our images, and our souls. It can’t be stopped. All that can be stopped is the old way of doing it. But the new way? They’ll never see it coming. Be the new way. And if there is no new way, create one.

The black pit is coming for our children. Their schools might become unsafe, or they might go away entirely. The entire educational system, already in need of help, might instead be dealt a mortal blow. So we will create new systems. We will teach. We will learn. We will make strong, informed citizens of our children. We will show them what is just and what is unjust, but always with a core of empathy. They will come to know that their problems are the least of these, and that the true work of a people united is to care for each other. And heaven help the darkness when we set the world ablaze with the light of passionate knowledge and informed love.

The dark vacuum is coming for our freedoms. Rights that were hard won after decades of fighting may be erased and disposed of in the blink of an eye. So we will create new freedoms. When they tell us we can’t, we will find another way to do. When they tell us we aren’t, we will find another way to be. When they tell us we won’t, we will. We will. WE WILL! This will infuriate the monster. This will provoke rage and hate, but for everything it tries to dismantle, we will build something better and stronger. And if those in power defy us, we will remind them that the only power they have is the power that we grant them. And we do not grant them the power to destroy¬†us.

Today I will write. I will compose. I will create order out of chaos, even if it is just, for today, on the top of my desk. I will control that which I can control, and I will expand outward, filling the universe with the juices of creativity, justice, empathy, and love. Unplug from the void, before it takes hold of you too. Breathe in the world that we have today, and know that no matter what happens to it tomorrow, we all have the power to rebuild.

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