An Apology to My Wife For Something That Wasn’t My Fault

Some would say a Supermom is one who always stays at home Lunch maker and bedtime¬†queen, or Homework helper. Bedroom cleaner. Never leaving them alone. Playdate hostess. Chaperone. Ever watching, ever there How else would they know you care? Others say that what you need is just to model and succeed. Big career and big […]

Women and Children Last

Mother’s Day is coming up, which means it’s time to start thinking about all of the wonderful ways that dear old Mom has sacrificed, struggled, and otherwise dedicated her life to making sure that our lives are awesome.  Of course, not every mother is a good mother, but even if yours stinks she at least […]

Get Me to the Church on Time

Today I bring you two stories, each of someone attempting to get to the church on time.  After you read both stories, I hope you will realize that no matter how crazy my life is, and no matter how many ridiculous situations I find myself in, I will never top my mother in the chaos […]

My Mother Is Dead in Maine

Let me begin by assuring you that my mother is alive and well, although some people find this hard to believe.  In fact, even when presented with seemingly incontrovertible evidence, such as meeting her in person, some people find this hard to believe.  I say this because of a few strange encounters at my father’s […]