Edward’s First Broadway Show

I honestly  didn’t know if we were going to make it.  After such a long week, and then another busy morning, an evening show seemed like possibly the worst idea ever.  But on the other hand, it was Broadway!  As we had looked over the itinerary for the trip earlier in the week, my wife and I […]

Infamous Gigs: My First Time on Stage

You know, I wasn’t always going to be a musician and performer. It took a couple of excellent teachers who saw potential in me to give me the courage to discover one of my greatest passions, and even then it was almost a disaster. When I was in 8th grade, the high school was auditioning […]

Infamous Gigs: The Billy Joel Wedding

Today I am starting a new Throwback Thursday feature called “Infamous Gigs,” in which I will attempt to tell the stories from some of my more bizarre and memorable musical jobs. Today I will tell you the tale of: “The Billy Joel Wedding.” Back when I was directing an a cappella group called Passing Notes, […]

How to Tell Whether You Are Writing an Opera or a Musical

It’s a classic conundrum that every human being has encountered at least once in their lives.  There you are, writing music for an over-the-top production of some sort, and you suddenly realize that you have no idea if you are writing an opera or a musical.  We’ve all been there, right?  Luckily for you, I […]