Edward’s First Broadway Show

I honestly  didn’t know if we were going to make it.  After such a long week, and then another busy morning, an evening show seemed like possibly the worst idea ever.  But on the other hand, it was Broadway!  As we had looked over the itinerary for the trip earlier in the week, my wife and I had both lamented that the one thing we would not get to do was to take our kids to see a Broadway musical.  We thought about making it happen. We almost bought tickets ourselves. But then we thought, after a long week, could we really keep the kids out  to see a show with an 8 PM curtain?  No, in the end we decided that we had to be good parents and let our kids get some sleep.  But then, when we got the free tickets, we thought, let’s be bad parents instead!  Just like we’ve always wanted to be!

The morning itinerary consisted of only one thing: The Statue of Liberty. We had planned to just take the subway down, but we also had a 48 hour pass for a double-decker bus tour that happened to stop right at South Ferry, so we figured, why not just take the tour bus to the ferry? I will tell you why. Traffic is why. Long pauses at tourist attractions is why. The trip to the southern tip of Manhattan took over 2 hours, and by the time we arrived, it was lunch time.

Top of a Double Decker Bus in New York City

This is not to say that we did not enjoy the tour. We did. The tour guide was funny and knowledgeable, the sights and sites were worth the drive, and Edward got to nap on the floor for most of it, which meant that he was only mostly too tired to function, rather than completely a wreck.


The Statue of Liberty was fun as always, although after having boated around it and helicoptered over it, just standing near it seemed, oh, I don’t know, kind of…normal. Nonetheless we went up into the pedestal, enjoyed the gift shop immensely, and then decided to skip Ellis Island for an afternoon of napping. Grumpiness levels were high, energy levels were low, and we were determined that our children were going to make it to Broadway.

Us at the Statue of Liberty

The nice thing about School of Rock: The Musical is that it did not have an 8 pm curtain time; it had a 7:30 pm curtain time. If you have kids, you know that a half an hour can make a huge difference when bedtimes are in flux. I think it certainly made a difference here. We stopped by Señor Frog’s for our free dinner, got giant balloon hats, and then headed off to the theater for Edward’s first Broadway musical! Ruby, as you know, had seen Matilda on Broadway two years earlier.

Balloon Hats at Señor Frog's

The first thing that we noticed when we arrived at the theater was that nobody else seemed to be wearing giant balloon hats. This was a major social faux pas on our part. We casually suggested to the children that their favorite new items in the entire world be destroyed or abandoned, but at 7:20 pm after a long week, this suggestion was met with mild fits of rage. Fair enough. We had to do something with the balloons. The ushers, very helpfully, informed me that we could not wear them during the performance. Huh. So much for Plan A. They would also not fit under the seats, being of the giant variety. So much for Plan B. It was time for Plan C.

School of Rock on Broadway

I went over to the coat check, which was closed and locked, and asked the bartender if they might open it up for me. The bartender quickly took off her bartending hat and put on her coatchecking hat as she unlocked the door and informed me that it would be $2 per coat. I held up the 3 giant balloon items (two of which were hats and the other being a pirate sword), and she said that it was $2 per item regardless of whether the items were coats or balloons. “Six dollars,” she said to me as I held out the items. But then, in a blinding display of speed and skill, I combined the balloon items into one mega-Voltron of a balloon. “Two dollars,” she said to me, as I paid her and she tried to find a place in the small coat check room for a 23-foot-tall balloon monstrosity.

Broadway School of Rock

With that out of the way, it was time for the show to begin. I had no frame of reference for what my children’s reactions were going to be. But looking at their faces as the music began and they saw those kids (those kids!) come out onto the stage and start singing and playing, I knew that we had some theater converts for life. They sang those songs the whole rest of the trip. Edward got drumsticks as a souvenir and proceeded to bang them on everything. Ruby bought the soundtrack of the show on CD, which may well be the only CD she ever buys. Hashtag: The Future. And we all left the theater at 10 pm, singing and dancing our way home.

Broadway Drumsticks

And when we got home we discovered that the bears had been to the Statue of Libearty while we were out and had gotten their own souvenirs. Bears. What are you going to do?

Bear Souvenirs

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