The Top 10 Numbers Between 1 and 10

Hey people! It’s Friday! That means you want to read something fun and easy before your weekend. Something like a list! But lists are so overdone, aren’t they? So many numbered items… But why do we never rank the numbers themselves?! I will fix that right now. Here are the top 10 integers between one and […]

200,000 Miles

If you are a regular Tenor Dad reader (ie, my mother) then you know that I am slightly obsessed with numbers, and none more so perhaps than the numbers on my odometer.  To be fair, I got this particular numerical obsession from my father, but whenever I drive I watch carefully for palindromes (107701), numbers […]

Math and OCD

While I have never been officially diagnosed with obsessive compulsive disorder, I know the signs, and I know that I am a little OCD, but generally not to the degree that it interferes with my life.  Then there are days that it makes itself known and I have to roll my eyes at myself. One […]