5 Things My Wife Thinks I Should Blog About

I’m home with the boy today, due to health issues that continue to plague us, and I am feeling kind of sad. I have an opera to memorize by tonight, which I was supposed to be hardcore cramming today, but instead I am watching Word Girl and eating Marshmallow Crispy Oreos. I have no ideas […]

Eat ALL the Oreos!

My three-year-old gets up before I do.  Normally not much before I do, since Edward often starts his day by kicking me in the sleeping face, but certainly at least a few seconds before I do.  But actually, those face kicking days are safer and more desirable than those days on which he gets up […]

The New Versions of Food

There are some classic manufactured and processed foods that have been around forever.  Oreos.  Cheerios.  Chips Ahoy.  Wheat Thins.  You know.  The standard classics.  I’m not sure if these items are just so good that they have stood the test of consumer time, or if they have just been around so long that we can’t […]