5 Things My Wife Thinks I Should Blog About

I’m home with the boy today, due to health issues that continue to plague us, and I am feeling kind of sad. I have an opera to memorize by tonight, which I was supposed to be hardcore cramming today, but instead I am watching Word Girl and eating Marshmallow Crispy Oreos. I have no ideas in terms of writing, but I also don’t want today to be the first day that I don’t post anything. So I asked my wife what I should write about. She had a lot of good ideas.

Suggestion 1: Write About the Muppets

My wife is concerned about Kermit’s new girlfriend, and how Piggy is going to react to this scandal. She asked me who I thought broke off the relationship, and I said that probably Kermit broke it off, but that Piggy will say she did, because she could never admit to being dumped. Normally I love writing about Muppets, but I’m just not in the mood today.

Suggestion 2: Just Repost Something

This feels like cheating to me, even if I, as my wife suggested, take a fresh¬†look at an old post. She mentioned I might take another look at my old Spider-Man bathroom and say something new about it. This is actually an incredible idea, which I may use in the future, but I don’t feel like scrolling through all of my old posts today. It’s funny, I love to rewatch my videos or relisten to my songs, but I never like rereading my writing. Does that mean something? Unclear.

Suggestion 3: Plug My Show

I kind of already did that yesterday, although I forgot to actually, you know, plug the show. So if anyone is interested in hearing me sing an opera that I should be memorizing right now, you can find all of the information here. We’re performing all over Vermont, in Barre, Colchester, Hardwick, Woodstock, Vergennes, and Randolph, so we might be near you. You should come see me!

Suggestion 4: Write a Limerick About Baby Walruses

A wondrous beast is the walrus
I have a cute baby one called “Russ”
Though small-toothed currently
Once he hits puberty
I’m afraid he is going to be all tusks.

Suggestion 5: *TOP SECRET*

This one was actually a really good idea, so I am going to use it later. No spoilers.

So I think the takeaway from all of this is that my wife should have a blog too. She gets blogging. Pop culture current events, maximum use of content, networking, silly walrus poems, and amazing ideas kept under wraps: this is what it means to have a blog. She’s pretty busy right now celebrating finishing grad school and stuff, but I’ll see if I can convince her later. Right now I’m going back to the opera and oreos.

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