If They Still Made Hit Summer Movie Theme Songs

Last year I lamented the fact that the big summer movies no longer have the big summer songs attached to them. Remember the days when all the best albums were soundtracks? Footloose? Men in Black? If there was hit movie, you were listening to the music from it on the radio! But alas, no longer. I […]

“Hamilton” Re-Imagined for Easter

I don’t know why Easter brings out the subversive in me. Maybe it has something to do with the culmination of the radical movement that the day celebrates. Or maybe I just like to surprise people. Two years ago I hired a funk band and opened our Easter morning worship service with Uptown Funk. And […]


There is a difference between people who use their grammar well, and those who use it poorly, even though they’re well-educated. The people who use grammar well are the people who have watched the following educational, holiday parody video. The people who use poor grammar most likely have not seen it. So do them all […]

Cheeseburger (A Tribute)

I love cheeseburgers. I mean, we’re more than just friends. I like-like them. I could eat cheeseburgers pretty much every day, except for the dying young part. This is why is saddens me to report that one of my favorite burger spots, Archie’s, is closing forever after today. The owner has had some health issues, […]

Your One-Stop Shop For Weird Christian Parody Videos

Well, I made it through another week of teaching music at Vacation Bible School. And as you may recall, last year during that week I managed to get the youth volunteers to help film a music video for the song I wrote about Elijah and the prophets of Baal. This hugely successful project created an […]

Mandatory Fun

I’m sorry everyone.  The new “Weird Al” Yankovic album came out today, so I can’t do anything except listen to it.  I certainly can’t write any blog posts.  But, since you are probably too busy also listening to “Mandatory Fun” to read any blog posts, it’s possible that you won’t notice.  You are listening to it, […]


As some of my faithful readers will already know, I enjoy a good parody tune.  From the moment I heard my first “Weird Al” Yankovic song, I was hooked on this idea that you could take someone else’s song and make it funnier.  I have done many parody songs and videos over the years, some […]