The First Pumpkin-Related Injury of the Season

I have been accused of having proportionally inverse reactions to pain. And it may be true. When I am minorly bonked in an upsetting and inconvenient way, I howl as though I were just dealt a mortal blow and all is lost. On the other hand, when I am actually seriously wounded I tend to […]

The Chorus America Pumpkin: A Short History

One of my first jobs out of college was at Chorus America, the national non-profit service organization for choral music, choral singers, conductors, and administrators.  I started out as a summer temp, became the office manager, and ended up as the database administrator and webmaster.  But no matter how often or drastically my job description […]

Pumpkin Party!

This weekend I attended a party with fellow blogger Mama of Ma’at. We decided to trade blogs for the day and tell our stories.  This is hers. Enjoy! To see my post, go to her environmental parenting page, Mama of Ma’at. One thing I love about living in the islands is that I have made […]

Pumpkin Patch

One of the wacky traditions that Tenor Mom and I have implemented, right up there with chopping down our own Christmas tree, is picking our own pumpkins to carve for Halloween.  This is slightly more sane than the tree thing, in that it is usually not snowing and one often gets a fun hayride to […]