A Brief Encounter With My New Arch-Enemy

It’s so hard to keep track of all of one’s arch-enemies; they do tend to build up over time. There was that one chorister, that one diction coach, and that evil math teacher, but as time goes by and they retreat to their island volcano lairs, it becomes hard to recall all of their names. […]

Watching My Kids Grow Up at the Maryland Renaissance Festival

We went to the Maryland Renaissance Festival for the first time back in 2005. It was awesome. Turkey legs. Fried macaroni and cheese on a stick. Fried everything on a stick! We loved it. So we went back again the next year. ┬áI couldn’t find any pictures from 2006, but we have several million from […]

A Life in Ornaments

As soon as my wife and I were married we decided on a few things.  The first was that we were going to travel the world together and have amazing adventures.  This kicked off immediately as we honeymooned in Mexico, Belize, and the Caymen Islands, thanks to a Carnival cruise.  The second was that we […]

Crowd Control

It’s official.  I am a Vermonter again.  It has taken a few years of this relaxed pace of life to find my groove, but I no longer assume that every other driver on the road is out there for the sole purpose of cutting me off, and when there are long lines at the supermarket […]

Nostalgia Is So Last Decade

When I moved from Baltimore to Vermont two years ago, it made me a little sad.  Sure, I was happy to be moving back to the state I grew up in, and I was excited to see family and old friends, but there was a lot that I liked about my old life and I […]

Ruby Scales the Wall: RennFest 2011

For the past 7 years, I have attended the Maryland Renaissance Festival, but it did not seem like a tradition that was going to continue after the move to Vermont.  Little did I realize just how much I wanted to go.  The real reason behind the trip south after the recital, through the circus and […]