Watching My Kids Grow Up at the Maryland Renaissance Festival

We went to the Maryland Renaissance Festival for the first time back in 2005. It was awesome. Turkey legs. Fried macaroni and cheese on a stick. Fried everything on a stick! We loved it.

124-2457_IMG 124-2467_IMG

So we went back again the next year.  I couldn’t find any pictures from 2006, but we have several million from 2007, when we took our daughter for the very first time.  One of our favorite pictures was of her sitting on the back of our car.  See how cute she is?!



So when we went back in 2008, we thought we would see if lightning could strike twice.  And it did.  Cute baby on the back of a car.  Perfection.


And it didn’t get any less cute in 2009, although she was getting a little big for the back of that vehicle.

Picture 086

In 2010, when she was three years old, she suddenly found herself with company on the trunk.



And so began the full family tradition of the Maryland Renaissance Festival.  Even after we moved north to Vermont, we still just had to make the trip back down in 2011.  With Bear of course.


And then it was a true tradition, because the children remembered it.  We had to go every year.  How could we not?!


And now I have all of these great pictures of my children sitting on the backs of whatever car we owned at the time.  Unless our friend Bleric Ack drove us.  Then they just stood in front of the back.


This year we went again, the day before the big anniversary church service I sang at.  Bleric was with us again, and, despite the impending rain, we had a fabulous time.  Ruby climbed the climbing wall again, medium level, and made it to the top with ease, leading us to sign her up for the climbing club in town.  Edward tried the wall, but decided that snacks were more his thing this year.  We saw some great singers called Sirena, and Ruby was so enamored with them that she used her allowance money to buy one of their CDs and had them sign it for her.  Edward was so enamored with them that he ripped off a piece of his turkey leg and ran up and gave it to one of them.  She ate it up and thanked him, prompting him to do it again, prompting us to exit the scene.  We had fun.  And even though our car doesn’t really have a trunk anymore, I’m guessing we’ll be back again next year.




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    That’s where we were when we lost you guys at the end of the day last year… They are mesmerizing! Ruby has excellent taste. Love ’em. Can’t wait to see them next weekend on our trip to MDRF for this year… Maybe I’ll take a pic on the trunk of my car… 🙂

  2. I didn’t realize that they had the picture on the back of the car every year. They totally could have sat on the back of my car!

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