Artificial Intelligence is Here, And It’s a Weapon

When hackers released all of Ashley Madison’s data to the public, one of the most interesting takeaways was how few of their users were women. 5% (or possibly fewer) of their accounts were actual female humans looking to have secret sex. On the other hand, plenty of men were chatting with plenty of women on […]

Chivalry is Just a Euphemism for Sexism

Yes, all women.  Yes, all men.  Yes, all humans.  We are all in the world together, and we all participate in it.  Even when we don’t want to and don’t mean to, there we are.  Participating.  Even when we fight the system, rage against the machine, and work diligently to change ourselves and others, there […]

No, You Can’t Be A Robot When You Grow Up

I’m sorry children, but there is no way that you can be a robot when you grow up.  It’s just not possible.  A robot is a machine that is guided by a computer program.  Unless you want to be guided by a computer program, and be made out of metal and code and have none […]