No, You Can’t Be A Robot When You Grow Up

I’m sorry children, but there is no way that you can be a robot when you grow up.  It’s just not possible.  A robot is a machine that is guided by a computer program.  Unless you want to be guided by a computer program, and be made out of metal and code and have none of yourself left, you really don’t want to be a robot.

Besides, you are probably thinking of an android anyway.  An android is a robot in a person shape, like C-3P0.  R2-D2 is a robot, because it does not look human.  But either way, they are both technically robots (or “droids” in Star Wars lingo), even if one of them is fussy and looks like a person.  Data from Star Trek: The Next Generation is an android as well.  I know they seem really human, and Data even got himself an emotion chip, but they are not people, they were never born as babies, and they did not grow up to be those things.  So you can’t be an android either.

What you really want to be is a cyborg.  Cyborg is short for cybernetic organism, which means it is part person, part robot.  Did you notice the word organism in that last sentence?  That is the you part.  The cybernetic part is what they add on to you to make you more robotic and give you cool powers, Robocop style.  This is totally possible, and you can definitely be one.

So kids, please stop saying you want to be a robot when you grow up.  Start telling people you are going to become a cyborg.  It’s a far more realistic goal.  Thank you.

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