The 2015 Christmas Eve Scavenger Hunt (CESH), and What Came After

Every year, my wife’s family spends Christmas Eve together, eating cookies, drinking tea and hot chocolate, opening gifts, singing carols, and running around the downtown area publicly humiliating themselves. So basically just your normal holiday traditions. We rotate the responsibilities of designing and constructing the epic photo/video scavenger hunt each year, and this time it […]

Things Just Got a Little More Epic – CESH 2014

Four years ago we modified a long-standing family tradition in an effort to include the younger children and spice things up a bit. ┬áInstead of the annual shop-n-swap, in which each family member would go off and buy a small gift for each other player (with time and dollar limits), we changed it into a […]

No Voice For the Oppressed: The Oakledge Park Easter Egg Hunt

It is a little known fact that in The United States of America, 1% of the kids are in possession of 99% of the eggs.  I think we can all agree that this is not a fair distribution of wealth.  Just because you hunt a little harder for your eggs, doesn’t explain why some kids […]

The First Annual Christmas Eve Scavenger Hunt

This year, we started a new tradition with my wife’s family.  In past years we had played a Shop and Swap Christmas Game on Christmas Eve, where everyone goes somewhere, splits up, and buys a little gift (under $5) for every other player.  At the end, we would go home for lunch, wrap the presents, […]